13 Dec 2008

Aristophanes Planet [cut-up, then re-written poem/prose, genetic splice]

the symbol of god of hermaphrodites

Binaries from the graphic in Ovid. Third trilogies. The fall was fear and caused unfortunate events by making men. XY chromosomes doesn't matter. But the applied cultural engineering of Hermaphroditos does. The creation of an XX/XY god. Robin Hobb's fantasy (male, pollen-producing), her spring acquired of a female, altogether a nymph named Salmakis. Salmakis is a cross-dresser who underwent cosmetic surgery.

Desire of Darkness is an unconscious feminine psychological bathed in its hybrid human form. "She-males". Sandmen have dual genitalia, shifting genders but are asexual among the character's alpha males. Alpha males were originally effeminate and indulge in stereotypical masculine behaviour (leadership, sports etc) to compensate. So called ‘all rounders’ are nearly always closet homosexuals.

Shakespeare's Macbeth is a tradition myth about the cosmic being hermaphrodite. Qualities indicating Hermes embodied transexuality, intrasexuality.

When asked his/her gender s/he said: ‘Satan.’

This compounded the three weird other genders (The Aphroditus), and represented a state of the same embryo, ushering in twice fertility.

In the beginning in the United States, there were three male and female entities, both staminate or with post-evolutionary development. Survival of winged love-gods is known typically in the form of a male Aphrodite woman .

As a divine being with genetic mixed space gender, [identified in the Symposium (Plato).], they are all outraging religionists, the Pope and fertility experts.

Hermes and Aphrodite are actually male/female cells in the anima/animus archetype ideologies of normalisation. Aristophanes planet whose inhabitants are androgynous sexes. Jung was among the Elderlings in the series titled: intersexual, multi-cultural, bi-sexual, bi-lingual.

The word (in the ’beginning’) was in answer to effeminate man synonymous with androgunês, as Erotes. Hermaphroditos was of Atlas, genuinely identified as having breasts, and body attributes usually female (but afterwards as Anima and Animus.)

Ultimately they are core DNA. The time he has breasts, hips and pudenda, he will be considered evolutionary.

The very character of Desire.

Written by A.D.Hitchin 2008.


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