16 Nov 2008

Angels and Demons


[Uni_Form, Roll]


TICTAC said...

always amazed with your work!

..and great sound, alternative rock? electro? portuguese?


Ruela said...

thanx ;)

alternative rock,new portuguese band.

murmurists said...

This is brilliant Ruela. Very impressed.

CHM said...

Great work

Aaron Held said...

fountain of despair

C.J.Duffy said...

Not sure how I can gve any better superlatives than my team mates. Your work has always been good and this is no exception.

Uni-Form said...

Nice work, it matches perfectly with the song!!!

Would you mind if i publish this work of yours on my site, with your name and link of course? (uniformproject.com)


Billy, from Uni_Form