24 Nov 2008

To marrow,
For opening Is now.
Yes to marrow.

to much to

What about tomorrow?
sound annoyed slipping and sipping why can't you cut the candle right? piece of cake.Blank canvas, stand behind it for MetaMetaTodmarrowIvoidmarrowevemarroweveIvoidmarrowevedmarrowmarroweveIvoidMetaTodmarrow dmarrow Ivoid-marroweve a fish Hopenota fifHornetndeigrandstandything feeling a reality can I see pointy arrows, Hopenot in fHornetnd igrandstandything that once was all a happy dream, that one I could never he back viewers giveaways they v open fair,Don't ask a question.

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ey from tyes fair.If you view what is on the blank canvasit will be various photographs,
if people ask what is it sowing
crowing at the virtues oh thank heaven, why was man made of clay, supported by the neck with a pancreas something cross the today I dcb't know.

Please stand behave
Andee pheasant two.
backwards from TEvinning to the beginning.

when that man grew cb and I wanted to throw it away... now on and on long time ago when vinning wasn't anything, and coating me with honey, that brown sugar was lone.

Cartoon loving meaning I was some

the grasp of grappling wonder filling.
Inventing a lime song and cgamk a good line you want to open that wine but something startles the brain, Inventing another thing from the tip.gam


C.J.Duffy said...

I like!

Aaron Held said...

computer glitching spell corrector gave some unexpected gifts.

robin said...

mi dos

TICTAC said...

curious intelligent mind you have...!cool art!


C.J.Duffy said...

Robin>>>Welcome to the best team blog site.