7 Nov 2008

To Bajka

Saturn in her place reminds me of sounds not sleep
under alarm. To caress choices, spoken word edges reminds me
of the linear always spinning. Her hands are...

Surrounding her shadow, the excess hollow
grows analytically yes. Reaches the
window sill.
Disposed of memory collects,
grey dust, disjointed followed a vacuous
fabric claw.
Immersed with nothing to
look at just code adjusting what mirrors a
free fall left stranded. Her nameless.
I did not ask to shout at you/
all language is foreign.

Against aimed at.
Sinned released date again. Religion. Fist fight
terror grasp. Armory cell. collision detail.
spun champagne junction showers seated
indifference. interference. static void.

Staged depletion lowered underground_
the tension. writing becomes oblivion featured in
technique. Programming. Grasping.

Chained light seems distant.
Martyred mantra mantis Magnify.

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