27 Nov 2008

A real Storm: a work in protest

A real Storm:

What the fuck is going on?! Said Jim touching the snake; inside the wheel. Sit down said his mother, is this a real storm? You tell me how two fucking questions are helping us to come together right now you asshole!!! The wall man you were supposed to graffiti the wall. Your mother, that’s who I am, your mother. Don't smoke cigars here you are making me hungry.

Inside the library, I remember saying my goodbyes to you.
"what else do you remember exactly"
I can't wait to hear from you, although, I'm not sure
that it will happen..That's the truth.

You were the fastest to go through insanity minus the rules man the fucking rules are going to disappoint the members of staff!! touch the wall. Jim was pedalling a bicycle with his hands. The wall was yellow giving him a headache.

November is your favourite chocolate, but I hardly see you - playfair- either you are for or against chocolate in the minute of silence, in the month of may. At this current time I am happy to be the colour I am, now if you shit yourself best be on roller-skates old buddy, best be in your father's living room, best be in the aquarium.

Sit down I said. Shhh, here she- Go upstairs, God I'm so embarrassed. So fucking embarrassed. It was six days, that’s all, calm down. Snapped out of it yet?! Treasure. I drew you a bird when I was only six years old, and a chair for hymn to sit on.p asleep like a lethargic sloth, who I might add shall not be snatched by an eagle any time soon. you know. per insanity there is an amount of phlegm on your shoe now clean it off.

Some shoes cost more than 45 pounds, is this a real storm? I'm so scared man.

You occur to me a man of many habits. When you die who will sharpen my chess pieces?! Telepathy man it was you in fight club, the matrix and ghost dog, he is simultaneously you and the first time you heard hip hop_

Headphones in my desk, what’s the difference between a joke and real life? who are you?! I have seen three alien craft since then, tell me sir although it could have been one. Strange days are upon us, when the anthill is cutting herself just so she can dance to the song. On stage are we. Sneaking in again Jaie? Always. Now listen very closely, listen to me ok, over there...Exactly, over there is a man taking part in a movie. Watch it with your friends when you are in college and it will-

"in order to"

Ok seriously, what else do you remember? party? die? come with me... music? Bonit. Jacket off. Don't be scared, wait here///
Have you Anubis yet mr? This game is especially yellow today get away from me. You'll never take the pen from me!! Slide in mud. No! no! who are these guys?! Dance nigger dance!!

If you escape now you can listen? What the fuck?!

If all peace was the sound of a man playing a guitar. During the point at which the pollen count was highest, I suggest immediately to strip and oh no. You fool go back and hide the money or it's 20 years for an ironically named incident one can only assume that’s some mighty fine beatings you're dishing out my man. And with the Christmas toy too, dear god, what a shitty conversation topic. There are numerous reasons to celebrate but honestly not now while you've won, that would be stupid; and make a good t-shirt!! oh god who didth burneth thine hair on the alter. oh god of the white face the god who I refuse to sing to. oh lord. morning has woken like the first morning. The words are random, unimportant, but the defiance is rich. I am an import. Un-import-ant (an) is that what you call fun?! is it, poking fun at spiders, is that when you laugh is it: when it attacks the pencil is that when laugh or run. look out man: Always look out: Good god this is the tough part. When you are trying to be a wrestler. My knee see. That’s what I mean. Have you ever bent over and look see what you made me do when your mother smashed it all to pieces. By god. When will the tyranny stop ?? ripping pages from a good book and all these, get out of here your mother is oppressing us. You mother is im-pressing us. But look again, in the front, in the rear dear boy. Since you are young you have all the imagination a foetus could conduit. Then again since your eyes are here and worth more with a smile I suggest that you of all people they are traps. To most certainly live in. The beauty of it. Don't leave me!! Yes my penis does grow hard but what of it you elite scum. why? I've been tricked. Now leave the class and show the others what a fine teacher you have in the other room. What was all of that money for? I mean. During the wait. I am upstairs now I am downstairs. Now I am both the cat and the box. So confused. All the while man the L is pear shaped. He threw the shoe in the system himself and fell asleep deep asleep like a lethargic sloth, who I might add shall not be snatched by an eagle any time soon. You know. Per insanity there is an amount of phlegm on your shoe, now clean it off.

We’ve established that and a fine leap you’ve made now do it again and hide the ford under your bed this time yes you there stay where you are and yearn boy. Yearn like you’ve never yearned before. I myself have been stolen. and stolen.


C.J.Duffy said...

Favourite line from this has to be: 'noveber is your favourite chocolate'. Priceless!

Jaie said...

lol- exploit your mind, memory and all.