12 Nov 2008

loquacious mind, cracks and bottles puddles of mud no in the mind stuck like veggy fibre between teeth. slow movements all those conversations fast inside out minds. whore are we talking to? conversation does not need an end or a conclusion or does it? somewhere in the garbage heap will find rhyme and rhythm and maybe a coupla sense. life of a bum of once wondrous mind seeping coffee down the drain. beards and facial hair of age. buildings come and buildings go. snail now, turtle now, the world is changing now. walking walking treading on minute things. every corner is a bed. tiny voices trying to break through the cracks. shards of reality don’t hurt me. the worse thing is I die a painful death then so what? the world was gone from day one. what needs? if you wanna pee you just stand in front of a wall. give them passing cars a carwash if you feel indecent. withered dick, only good for peeing now. I sleep now. dream of memories I never had. tomorrow is another conversation.

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