8 Nov 2008

Kingston Is The Need To Bust Down The Doors And Eat Munich

1976 someone galvanic, the water problem is in millions of miles (reclaim
the light: the one parable taught by the acid squelch: bald away their
tiptoeing in puddles of schoolgirl)

+++to begin and end as tranced feet, everything piled rainbows, aeolian
the paragraph I claim no vast lying there in a special x-ray, like apes
and longer+++Music's zero. Cigarette smokes The shriek out of Christ and

Over neptune what isn't Jungle. My soul. The entangled GUN is not so red
Your Heart Floats silly things. Method first as Oxygen City in walls of pink
And drone. Its own phantom designed by galaxies of blonde hair. The first
Truly Tribal Genitals Quiver, climbing the socket's was...

O150: an exercise in pure mentality-->Andromeda the ecstasy of 0150

(((...that speared you+rites by language...(((paradigm fur, where your
carbon is, the fact absorbing your ribs...frozen beards deity of silver shoes
and shattered with tiny, fascist analogic...melodies in glass/the desert is
attached...there are months dissolved, but yes, my love...rhizomia 1922)))


Aaron Held said...

this makes sense.

you back for good or this a teaser.

Robert said...

im back

just needed to recharge some inner batteries and get some life issues sorted :)

kek-w said...

Rob: beautiful!

TICTAC said...

so good to read that you are back..on fire!

hi robert!


C.J.Duffy said...


Answer the e-mails we have been sending you old tosspot!!!