13 Nov 2008


there is not a month I've known as shallow as May. As the trees may have told you, it's this constant despising of zero. as though zero on some off chance had developed an unnatural lust for destroying may. And this i told her sister who at some point had been brave enough to smile across at June who I will have you know is no such thing as accepting to such distractions. I can't really see how he manages to stay so close to the sun with a temper such as he has, with a mind of such sharpness as thus. Strange as anything I've ever heard or seen in my own reflection. I grow weary of such trivial rivalries such as those between the months and I watch, yes, I do watch as some are stained with the cold and disastrous tagging as what happened to September. I do remember September to be such a joyous month. A month of untarnished beauty and freedom from accusations.
until as you all know. as we all saw. Some day , you know. Some day. we might be free from this predicament, but, when , when I will have to leave up to February. And a certain amount of attraction between March and November is worthy of being noted at this stage, since March November has been trying hardest which is hardly not a lot to be closer to March. I think they should go for it, and who knows what should happen if they ever meet. March can be shy sometimes I know, but we hope. I've spoken to November and doesn't seem to mind at all if they were to be aligned for a moment next solstice perhaps. I know what you are wondering. What happens to the months when we are not in them? That's a good question and I'm glad you asked it. That is, what happens to the months when we are not occupied by them, this I should like to explain to you. As it was explained to me. When we are not actually in the months, they are having time off. Sometimes together but that's how these feuds start. All they ever really do is, 30-31 days work and the rest is waiting taking time off, stocking up for our pleasure, collecting cold, hot, not hard work, you know being a month, but that May, had better get it sorted out. I tell you. That May, that May is oh so shallow, I hardly think that you understand. My muse explains to me that she likes you. Now January, the first of them all to show up at any year is the smartest month, January well dressed smiling patient always has the plans, tends to set the standards for the rest of the year. Last year April spend most of the time giggling from something silly January said but no one heard, it was so silly, June did not find it amusing but July went one step further and went and told the joke to Jupiter who I'll have you know is no light heart when it come to having a joke. July in all of it's hot headedness leaned over to Jupiter and look at me, look at me...said the joke January mumbled, the galaxy roared. A moment I'll never forget. To be honest with you my dear. I haven't spoken to December since August because at the time we were meant to be working on something when oh yeah, you can imagine how December feels about the whole Jesus thing happening on his time you know. It's just like September what happened to September but a little bit worse because no one knows the truth of the matter, which is partly why we don't speak as much as I do the rest of them you see, there comes a time in every months cycle when they should speak up or disagree as you might, I just think that the story is a little old and we deserve the truth.

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