22 Nov 2008

It's the Same.

Lake, there's loads of ways (of) making this idea work, but the end result is the same as actually being an American, or else we appear as several tons of pressurised fuel by default. Either way, it's the same: the same: same, same: it means we've 'humanised' him as a character and given him easily recognisable attributes, so that the reader can empathise more readily with his situation.

But it doesn't stop him from secretly being Gr'anylx'xnor from Proxima VII who communicates using smells.

It just means that if we write him as if he's a lonely, middle aged guy from Middle America and overweight, then we. And I really think he should come from Milwaukee. Chinese simp tons of English Chinese simp tons Chinese trad Chinese trad simp tons of English Chinese trad tons Chinese simp English ton Chinese simp English ton Chinese trad English ton of Dutch English ton of French English ton of German English ton of Greek English ton ton ton.


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