2 Nov 2008

I Pity Inanimate Objects #3

An occasional series. Listen with the sound on and you will eventually hear the sign take its revenge on The World of The Animate.


Anonymous said...

sweet man!

TICTAC said...

very expressive inanimated object..kek-w!!

do you have more of these series?

kek-w said...

Cheers. There's a couple more on YouTube. And I have another 2 or 3 more ready to go at some point.

I sorta explain the Sub-Dogme 'rules' for the series here


TICTAC said...

i love this type of 'artisan' videos that 'show' how real surrealism is, i have made some myself. following another string of thoughts.

gracias kek-w...i will check them out!

C.J.Duffy said...

This, is so what I want to see here. It sits so well alongside the other bits and pieces but has that modernist approach that makes discharge so much a part of now art.
Bleedin' marvUlos!