23 Nov 2008

Equation Me, Nosferatu!

I whirl, your saxophone's cool inner thigh
veined a fatuous sword, an abacus to spoken light

Asiatic synchronicity, eyeless in prison's nicotine December

Become media coil. Fellate triumph, no airwaves of a bleeding morning
to Tel Aviv minds everywhere. My wetness is also in ruins

Speed of thick breasts smile at me
And Iesion a chorus of voices, the nearest
swampadelica to dervish your mystery in blue cliches the mirror

The sun is empty at its molten core
But you already drank that lesbian troupe--didn't you?

I noun what has perished. Telekenesis my lisp of neurosis, cigarettes a
final taxidermy. Boneless, the slow fuck whenever you ultra-left

If your own shirt is a cocaine axiom, burn. New Wave arpeggios,
four to one glitters your disappearance into ivory

Spanish last night, my vernacular

Too much blinking is killing me, this mash-up, my diode invasion
Cells so far removed from wonky legs and blinking a myriad, I realise
The levee shattered, who called the feral eye anyway?

Listen brownly, your teeth scream providence in dub. Camera fur. What I meant
by the slabs of madness, you and your sci-fi damage. The thinnest skin
is not the center of the universe, a blonde whore to distortion alone. Multiplied,
it was only the sea's paranoia. The unknown cries my hair, rhythms my animal,
my only mist. Last-call fingers the care of loved ones, ethereal, matronly bleeps

There are no friends. The Kali-Yuga sounds on sound, inner dust


kek-w said...

Yr on fire, m'man!

C.J.Duffy said...

First I have to say how good this is.
Second, how do you do it?
Cut and paste fragments or does it just explode form your head like this?

Robert said...

thanks fellers!

CJ, it's all associational improvisation...then some minor editing later on (usually just to borp the syntax)

TICTAC said...

very atractive writing, robert...and very interesting how you process it.
your english is challenging for me to read...
i liked 'swampadelica' and checked it, ending up in myspace listening to a cool group, between vintage and caribic multiculti blend!!