28 Nov 2008

Damp Tissue Angel (cut-up)

Damp Tissue Angel (cut-up)

My credit ran lucid red
screen secretary smiles benevolently:
‘no reply, go somewhere’
psychic weight jumble, screen froze firing cross-reference warriors in silver, thank you wisps of fringe, smoke descends. Zap
into jigsaw of frenzied brunettes, red-heads, fat, thin, curvaceous, slim …,people making demands in
suits on bulbous pieces of bed. We went private.
Deep- throat no knickers, explanation probably Freudian in
nature. Long arcs of lips with gloss, tissue dried and stuck. Meanwhile, Black, Latina, and Asian girls fuck behind a
Police light a cigarette. Caught by psychologist informant … . I typed and typed - shimmering I watch a woman screw them up straightaway. A damp tissue Angel blazing. My medication dosage
cackling. In shreds.
Angel returns. Teasing , she blesses with one final performance………………………………................; all dissolves, beams strafing, bursting, I typed and
typed .
We chatted till media motive groans grew louder. Entropy embedded in it. Void state she came doggy-style colliding in humid come
dribbling curvy, fat, white guns in colour pieces. Her body orgasm;
trickling spine delirious. The door, the night began to pixellate;
disconnected. Her arse facing a vacuum;
fading torches burning blondes.

Written by A.D.Hitchin, 2008.


cocaine jesus said...

Marvellous. Welcome.

Robert said...


welcome, Antony :)

kek-w said...

"Her arse facing a vacuum" - great turn of phrase.