4 Nov 2008

at every turn

that's what up she whispers while biting her earlobe.
at every opportunity. unity defied. usually wild
her complacency, decapitates religion, and commodifies ideas.
decaf , her favourite restaurant, and smells like indigo.
furniture and smoke screens, all in the name of her tea break.

a naive death dreams while sweating
Sundays pasteurizations pure through gross
beginnings. Gental, ginger, grows, from sets, sat with, grains,
in, degrees, worked out of, wood.
crunch time coursing through sickly, sounding
alternations on the magnitude belonging to
the great returning

this music fits my penis.
soft around the head. arousing.
warms my smile even..
my erect penis, acknowledge no insult,
caressed by this music,
my lips pucker,
my penis shrivels. it was on shuffle.
metaphorically, my hands are masturbating.

now see this. this is what makes water sweat,
this make sweet drip,
drool, indecently down, .....
not to be confused with tropicana,
left to right, only sometimes she holds threads to tie, knees
into , nike caps..like a night owl, her stank . on. ya
will, wretchedly freeze your thoughts, while your eyeballs leak,
anti freeze.

if i go, Figaro, it usually, greets,

sulphur still swirls in the milkshake
ice cream won't melt till the sun returns
buried conciousness fall, deeper into the deep
endearing sign laid - bellow the loudest
continuing the line of
pragmatic fellows
who fall north from whispers
that send nightmares into sleep
cowards and cowboys still shooting
last nights pistons fathom the grasp
green trees melt yellow leaves dripping
handshakes and towel cloths remain like insults
the fingers trip the keys into believing there might be
another turn..

happiness lands like lightning burning
sorrow till tomorrow
words make shapes into the softest of hands
telling me to breathe nightly
might be the option to decorate the tightest of days.....

swung around the sand and burdened
the smiling smell sweetest
though the effort manifested was dearer

ladies climb ladders
and apologies sign signatures
speaking of spiders
an advert tends to tie in.

the cabinet falls in irony
rotating, the symbol tells another tale
ecstatic bliss because the common genius
I scan....

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