27 Oct 2008

when in relationships a bird

lest captured and involved
they unravel this extension
into it's distance inhaled
it's peculiar, walking this side
putting in comparisons relationships
slightly melting a bird
time always bleeds first
the blood
the most you die
the past
the more it turns up
a shovel
a stick_
the usual 4pm
antenna radius
relationships supposed
touch the world
less famous_welcome_
the dead poetry smokes
if it wasn't because
anything human we keep on melting.
in terms of fire
the blood that we suppose
lets go____________________________

let me hold that for you.

tired of ghosts they argue
down the wire, here you
our guest of whispers
puzzles knowledge the thirst
i wonder i am trapped
hopeful of escape oh, sunday
roots of sunshine upon our bones
roots of obstruction

let me hold that for you

it's blacker than i am
and will do whatever you say to
at twelve o'clock
it's blacker than you are
naughty music is ghosts in public
no place for a man to cower at night
taught to souls dance the edge
a man has taped his way into the piano
caught himself in the strings
wearing nothing but a wristwatch
no less at six o'clock
completely in the morning
under no sir come stances
in the back
tiny pin pricks of religion
let me hold that for you

the naming of the dead_three choices
messing up your poem
the one that is great
they have not convinced me yet,
that these walls will not snap
when thought of
less at once

if victory doesn't show up on Wednesday
ill bring new energy shadows
luke warm under paramilitary
the visage
it's all a visage
were when the blood of honey
accepting you've known
ill repute-
it's no time for a commercial
i didn't know


C.J.Duffy said...

Absolutely brilliant. Breathtaking even.

Jaie said...

thank you. i was over at BiPolar Metrenome and they had inspired it.

doriandra said...

speechless and groveling, wishing to be the fly that silently watches you write..