6 Oct 2008


i like the word transient. when i speak to it it says. hello jaie
hello transient. how are you.
i know you like me jaie says transient. and i get all giddy.
what is it you like about me jaie~i am just a word.
sometimes transient. it's hard to explain what you do to me.
transient. i just like it. i just like the way you sit inside my head
i think of you three or four times and then i am certain
it is you i like. i am sure. sometimes transient i think of what life would be like without you
as a word. transient. that makes me sad.


C.J. Duffy said...

I too love this word.
She is mine, keep yer filthy hands off of her!

Jaie said...



you're the man C.J!!!