31 Oct 2008

Thoughts for Pavliver

I am the nappy changer.
The arse wiper.
It is my role to clean the oil and maitain the machine.
Am I a librarian?
Am I a courtesan or caretaker?
I could wear a wig if you like! Orange with glitter. A made up manequin of Clockwork Orange thought patterns.
The flat patter of feet.
The slap, slap of wet heels on tortured tarmac?
No, no, no. Not me guv. A little bit this; a little bit that. Ducking and diving.
But who pulls my strings?
Who watches the watchman?
Garnished with fleeting visions. Fanciful and foolish. But it is only love isn't it? A desire to test those waters. Chill and dark and inviting. The death of mariners. The birth of artisans.
If only I could have, way back then, been the dream I have.
Existed with.
Art for art sake. Money for fuck sake.