18 Oct 2008



murmurists said...

Lazare, I love these. And I haven't forgotten your great work as the artwork for my Beneath is Translation project. It is developing. Being complex and as it involves lots of people, it's a slow-burner. There are pieces posted here if you fancy a listen:

Best wishes,


TICTAC said...

i like this one and dusk very much..you produce always great images, lazare!

C.J.Duffy said...

I have to agree with my far more knowledgeable friends. Your images get better and better. This has an element of intringue. Wondefrul!

Lazare said...

Thanks a lot, comrades.

Gracias tictac, me alegro de que hayas vuelto.

I haven't forgotten either, Anthony. It fares well, doesn't it?