29 Oct 2008


grey: i am unsure of you
oxen: Indeed. But you are still seeking opportunities?
grey: yes
oxen: That is good
grey: i seek only experience, i hope that doesnt make me bad
oxen: It doesn't
grey: i admire you
oxen: Thank you
grey: I come with a good wardrobe, but no home situation, no means. Am i losing marks?
oxen: No, you are gaining them; and for reasons I will not explain
grey: thank you
oxen: I intend to be difficult
grey: i will get by
oxen: Good to hear. Tell me of your happiest recent experience
grey: i am fortunate in some areas; though i am foreign to fortune itself. i ask for directions, but i am not direct myself. I am the norm, but with rough hands. I have no honour
oxen: Sounds unlikely. I'm not wanting cyberplay.
grey: it's true, i live close to such industries. i admit its the only time I have been so fortunate
oxen: As you say
grey: i normally only get to bide my time
oxen: Thanks, but no thanks. Good luck & best wishes
grey: thank you x

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