19 Oct 2008

Current mood: amputated
Category: amputated Dreams and the Supernatural

disclose ..HEG**

experience ..WITTGEN*****

record ..DER****

generalise ..HEID*****


And the elementals say - of mysteries, of the prominence of vision itself - "We foreshadow events, with the features of our tradition and its connections and circumstances. We have no personal experience."



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Current mood: waiving
Category: waiving Dreams and the Supernatural

glorious aversions
captivate and convert

add resemblance
add likeness

Ecclesiasticus ... a mystery shape
psycho Jerome ...
four facing

and every one
growing the hands of men on all four sides
and every one turning
faces of men, covering their bodies


This is something of a straightforward impulse, you slummockers. This is Cod Fiat Lux. They turned and they went, caring nothing for likeness.

Going forth into fire.

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C.J.Duffy said...

I'd say 'Dead by Dawn' but