4 Oct 2008


1.1 cierge

Ad Beentjes - field recordings
Antonio de Braga - drum-kit & rhythm processing
Anthony Donovan - live electronics, laptop & editing
Noel Taylor - alto clarinet

1.2 items 0561-0563

Anthony Donovan - treatments & processing
Bryan Lewis Saunders, Jo Pearson & Michael - voices



C.J. Duffy said...

Beyond fantastic, beyond any words I can find to easily describe how wonderful I find this post, this music. I could listen to this over and over. Superb. More!

murmurists said...

Gosh, CJ, most kind. Thank you.

Inconsequential said...

Items, rather fun :)

Good stuff :)

murmurists said...

Ta Inc. Nice to hear from you too.

Ruela said...

Excelent M!

you are a sound master.

Ruela said...

It will be cool
this permanent
on the lateral bar right

murmurists said...

Thanks Ruela - really kind of you. Glad you like the music.

C.J. Duffy said...

And again.

Ruela said...

and very much ;)

Jaie said...

i am very greatful to have heard these voices and to have them enter my mind.