29 Sep 2008

Piece of your soul (let me wear it)

Pieces of your soul flooded like tears the fourth arena
imagine your third eye was a clitoris, my words were a tongue
i intend to make you cum. inside your mind
you don't mind-each blink four fingers swallowed
then remember your soul flooded the arena like cheers
from the crowd, chariots burst and the drums stir an emphatic roar
energy swirls_like moisture from the crown. victory
the moment transcends comprehension
by comparison heat swells in your left ear
you wear tights. and seal jars shut. /put lids back on drinks
things like this.
four fingers deeps. so many colours_the mind of the universe
you say the king of kings/pepper's tone/Jazz the comedienne
threesomes your third eye enjoys, your favorite song joins in
undresses, and hands you a nipple
every image an oasis, open mind wide open
cannot contain, wants to scream-Allah, Yahweh, Jesus himself, Imhotep
/ great histories, you are so wet, your soul
floods our arena-like dreams the chariot fingers lids
like wet the song swells in your heart
an oasis
blinks the crown. ;)
tongue kiss clitoris third eye escape
ejaculations terrific
the song pours_
poetry at the scene of the crime.

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