26 Sep 2008

.inherent corpses.

they cornered off the first five breaths she exhaled. voices like a plague without instructions so far, without orders or boundaries, bias or borders. Bouncing like bombs dancing all the while to the off beat rhythm of explosions. the conductor selected like a member of the audience at a magic show. Applauded on stage by machine gun fire to clear the first five rows. It's a crescendo of desires, no drill today, no crisis averted. I'm aimed at all that isn't already dead. Curse this heat, this hat, this leg. I'm on the edge of a death toll, a mountain inherent in our choices amounting to madness occurring day after day. The future in orderly file, lines up to greet us. This pre-sent moment, pre packed, pre paired we could not have known more about. And I've never seen a crime scene so smug.

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