19 Sep 2008

the FIRST blue tongue of the LIZARD!!

the first blue tongue of the lizard slid under the impression our horizon emptied it's position into the harmony of twelve spoken yet all that delved no deeper into midnight than would a babies voice caught dead in the middle of next summer...

all this is true and that which is true being fantastically arousing at the same time simultaneous ///////

i woke up this morning and the moon was soft, subtle, like a breast. My hands on her surface aroused west, whence came the sun dial. to leech his own. it occurred to me an erupting which led me to confide in the decimal. My hands trembled with the ever expanding tumultuous nature of the way our clock spoke. in cloudless formations one would later call sky_ "the sky is a vast bowl" we have championed as sometimes it fell three time last month alone_ when the wings salute the changing tonality off the record. i conduct lucid, grouped intrusions

sometimes words. sometimes words. I conduct electroromatically at any angle i dissolve_at most angles I discover, utmost shades shapes sounds sentences_

oftentimes leaving speechless_Having in order to hail a storm
Stranded_with thoughts of my own to raise_ meanwhile twitched
the remote//scratched the plum blossom _ rendered inocculous

songs that start with an account _ a four count_stretch the classic

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