30 Sep 2008

everything in spades

saw your hair of raven black
stars cascading down your back
you have everything i lack
everything in spades.

saw the diamond in your eye
saw the shimmer in your sky
for you i'd let my senses die
everything in spades.

the dark horizon is suspect
and falls into swift neglect
everything you say is correct
everything in spades.

heard your voice a whispered hush
velvet smooth heroin rush
so like springs eternal blush
everything in spades.

driven on and hell bent
to your heart i will relent
from your soul so heaven sent
everything in spades.

you can turn black to white
you're my moon my satellite
from centigrade to farenheit
make my pen start to write
turn the dark into light
make everything seem all right
everything in spades.

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