17 Sep 2008


Transgressions / boundaries skipped over / easy to read gestures jerk in a burning car / passengers spill from an eviscerated bus / a rainbow reflects in glittering dead eyes / some loose / looking hither / looking at the photographer / the holder of a sophisticated mobile phone mimics the professional / the objective gaze but with a little more gore and full frontal distress / a puker decorates the wet verdant verge / limbs hide in the weeds / a headless body embraces a shattered engine block / gripping tightly with everything but the arms / a disadvantaged youth sprays across the side of a jackknived lorry / its cab bent over a small crushed family car / occupants play sardines / waiting in blood of others / with bones of mother in face / the seat impaled with spine / the cars central nervous system suggests taking the next turning / the next junction glides away empty / fresh cars fold themselves into the scene vomiting glass across the tarmac / twinkles sticky red / a group of surprised doggers peer over the motorway embankment / their naked spunked bodies point camcorders into the copulating wreckage / faces are imprinted on dashboards / teeth scuttle away / retina displace / wrists snap gripping gearshifts / the oncoming traffic / the viewing public / grinds to a halt with a few voyeuristic shunts / Colonel Kurtz waves languorously from his mk4 Behemoth / turns on the vehicles’ lights held in the jaws of the freshly dead / illuminates the mayhem opposite / revving with a foot / wanking with a hand / a minibus of nuns crumples into the ganglion of flesh and metal and explodes / a rabbit vibrator crucifies a uterus / pops the head of a potential christ / a box of soap on a rope melts / a nun / obviously a stuntman in a habit / runs screaming and burning / but no one puts him out / ignites spilt fuel / a barbecue begins / a dogger spurts down the embankment / fresh metal and ergonomic plastic slumps into disaster / children watch their deaths on headrest TVs / on news 24 / in looping carnage a monologue of clutching description / a plume of holy smoke rises from the nuns minibus / engulfs a journocopter / chokes its engine / strangles commentary / rotors splutter over a trailing metaphor / then / return to flight speed / but too late / too low / they puree a smoothie baron in a smart car / shatter into tangle / a fragment beheads a spunking dogger / his camcorder turns to the sky / the helicopter keels over dead / journalist squawking about the humanity / hi-def nosecam lurches luridly and settles on half a indistinct babies head / the news editor goes goo goo gaa gaa for it then can’t reach a button fast enough / it was in the raw footage loop for two cycles / if I remember rightly / but then I was elsewhere / skipping with gloopy sticky feet / shitting wildly upon the crash barrier / licking at wounds / caressing scars / her foot / her feet / seem immaculate now in heels / is that all I was worrying about?

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