15 Sep 2008

below the dragon

he spoke and the wind froze. Twelve edges spun off and ricocheted in a junction formed of spider webs in the eyes of deception. Has there ever been a storm like this to burst from the shell in an engine that rose to weigh rows burrowed beneath the sand; and my voice carved the temple's truth as then slept eye as the sun sent what split into an army portrayed in times when shadows shout at the destroyers of the desert. Any dusk is spent for the lab to discern distance from dust floating within an oasis. Our secret. Checkered reactions retain core correspondence, that kept cropping up_tinted window food drops; prodding the eyes of gators in puddles. Common puddles, the ones we find in the street. All along the front line we kept, our silence pristine, broke away exchange rates: that spoke for themselves, slowly so as not to disturb the morning, any which way you look at it: our choice was an animal who spoke in prayer; was the sting of the cosmos; as ransom. that. myth returned: retaliation capturing movement in the careful click of calculation. 7 more corpses, glistened the menu. taxes mistook wa[inaudible] as celestial translations vacate often our parking spaces. fine. fine. fine.
the curriculum.
it was an antidote in conspiracy. umming and ahhing at around the time when paying attention was just out of the question. reaching the reflection as corpses zoomed decades abyss rampaging foul throws exits the half way line. etymological smile the truth at midnight. anytime syndicate names explosive six years as the oppressor's tongue, since massacres. A-B seems chained light shining tyrannical minutiae of trigger into voiceless molecules; letting it go as marvel; definitions at them?
242 degrees below the dragon; enters macrobes.

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