27 Aug 2008


the lechery of leech hood uncoiled from his midriff as supple as sin and as silent as summer. a white whisper of deceit that flowed like semen from his twisted schizophrenic mindset. dripping onto the tiled floor of the captivated audience like butter between a virgins thighs.
man, he so could have laughed at all their innocence that huddled confused in a tiny group: the way their eyes grew wide with fear and admiration, their stoic looks of awe. it gave him a hard on just to watch the girls and boys grow moist and firm with gibbering excitement as he wielded his mighty propaganda with deft skill.
music played a power chord that resonated deep within.
television screens flickered and bucked with images of wealth.
the bait of avarice bubbled thick and poured down on the bare-headed, the needy and the desperate, the lame and the spent - the cool had already driven off in their Ford T's with a two fingered wave.
here, dancing a blue fit that switched back to epileptic, stood the mass with envy tattooed on their foreheads and mug on their over fed collective arse.
and that was the part he liked the most.
he fingered their greed and want until they came; cum on their shoes, cum on their sneakers but…
not on his.

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