24 Aug 2008

double espresso

Masturbation. sampling the flavour of emotions, nearest emotional decimal point of pornography. and an impression of its imaginary contents chart the alternative narratives made possible drips and dabs of coloured non-sequiturs, by existing elements, rounded off to the emotional experiment in jealousy. first, we every once in a while I’ll come across a book would flash across my mind. all those words and breaking down, disintegrating, reconstituting all those concepts, so much mental the ups and downs, manic intensity, insane again. fragmentation and reconstitution, made possible by existing elements, rounded off to the nearest emotional decimal manic intensity, insane drips and dabs of coloured non-sequiturs, breaking down, emotional experiment in jealousy. first, we chart the alternative narratives point of pornography. every once in a while I’ll come across a book and an impression of its imaginary contents would flash across my mind. all those words and all those concepts, so disintegrating, reconstituting again. fragmentation and reconstitution, and much mental masturbation. sampling the flavour of emotions, ups and downs.

Towards and away from him, his cock going in-out, in-out as she once, a cock in her cunt and asshole at the same time, spurting groping her breasts through the material of her dress. then one of the men grabbed her and flipped her over, so that her knees forcing her to suck. she tried to push them away but a few slaps were now against the curb. he knelt down and pulled her skirt up them, wondering if something was wrong. still squatting, she was men just kept stuffing her with cock. two cocks in her mouth glued to the set. she was frozen as she sat there watching the till tears flowed down her face, and drool hung down her chin in cocks spraying come all over her hair and face as she kept herself to be throat-fucked. she deep throated those huge cocks to reveal her bare ass, which he slapped a few times before made full use of the kill, rubbing their cocks all over her face, obscenities at her, asking her if she enjoyed getting gangfucked apart, and under the shade of her hiked-up skirt you could see who cared to look. it wasn’t long before three dark-skinned men naked. her dress --- or whatever remained of it --- was in a damn train and the look in her eyes indicated every intention dumb-founded.

soon it was no longer just three men. six more her wild, chaotic bush. she was offering a free show to anyone thick, glassy strings. the slaps must’ve made the men more dirtier that it already was. sucking on one cock while her two hands were stroking another stood around her. there was fear in her eyes as she looked up at sticking his cock in. he held on to her shoulders and pushed her joined them, and the fucking became more brutal. she was pulling aroused, they were treating her rather harshly now, slapping her and obediently sucked and licked their cocks, and even allowed by big cocks, if she was a dirty slut.

her eyes screamed and screamed. the other two wasted no time and quickly sucking and stroking, choking. even then she wasn’t completely shreds, a piece of it around her waist, rendering the scene there was a woman squatting by the roadside with her thighs wide screen, transfixed by what she was watching, to get off. semen was flowing down her legs like milk, and her face soon told her who were in charge. and so she gave in for the fun of it, pulling her by the hair and muttering two. they grabbed her hair and ran their hands all over her body.

The wall and spied at the recorded she was so horny she couldn’t continue. white cream as it moved in-out, in-out. write stories; she wrote and wrote until school pinafore was uniform, she leaned action through squinted eyes. daddy was his teeth.

she felt the heat now, and mommy gagged, pulling daddy’s cock tingle at the thought.

melissa tv, munching on an apple, the other hand porn he shoots looks like bad wkw petite and long-limbed she was a replica extreme upshots from below, her breasts hair and the loud, deliberate, slurping corner of the screen daddy was gritting against the wall facing the wide-screen now when mommy was getting fucked movies. mom was sucking on his cock now, on the remote control.

the television and sucking as she sat in a corner cunt, dragging out thick streaks of raging, agonizing drama in her mind, and saw was unbelievably horny, and she felt remainder of the tape she found in her panties down but not quite removing the fact that her cunt shuddering and biting her fingers, her pulp inside, the entire scene rendered then the sudden fucking: extreme eyes as she turned back to look at daddy raped, a look of hurt and hatred in her close-up, huge cock buried in a hairless watery from that near-choke, being found ever so lightly, feeling her juice cock was in the center of the screen, them, leaving them stretched around her streak in her, she knew she’s beautiful. mommy’s mouth, fucking mommy’s mouth, loved looking at herself in the mirror, almost choking herself on a piece of face damp with sweat. or else glassy saliva attached to it. and the even dirtier with his long fingers hole sticky with her whitish gum, daddy parents’ closet. she swiftly yanked the sounds he was making.

what cock was doing the in-out thing with dark cunt, the flaps and lips and the one time it went a little too deep over it, brutally shoving into the juicy eating mommy out now. mommy’s wide-open was all over it. his tongue snaked all mommy holding it up with her thumb and immediate rush that she shuddered, flicked on, first the blue screen and that’s about it. a hairy sixteen-year-old is so hairy; she got horny just thinking imagine herself being forced, forced to tongue, coaxing deep moans from daddy at home in anticipation of watching them both, she could never tell. mommy stretching mommy wide open, his facial shots of her large hanging breasts, up.

melissa dreamt of cocks being meat of it all. now and then there’d be thighs. still wearing her secondary sucked and holes being filled. she toyed with her fantasies the way her cunt, moist and meaty, the sides of her and she began rubbing her hairy pussy dead with panties around knees nights were filled with feverish dreams as if her heart was going to give the mirror her legs wide open, mommy’s cream on it. mommy licked it and he zoomed in closer to the action. masturbate, forced to watch the fucking watching one of my dad’s homemade pussy, she thought, and her cunt would grimace in an expression that told of sucked or otherwise fucking her mother’s her pussy, she arched her back against pain and pleasure, one or the other, and this accounts for the narcissistic big fat cock, she had thought, swollen cockhead with the tip of her daddy had ever thought of fucking his or her mother. she often wondered if starchy, squelching sounds of fucking, getting fucked like she was getting out along with thick, slimy strings of after school that day, she rushed fucking and sucking, of her father’s ass he fucked her from behind.

daddy’s fuck froth all around. she felt such a porno.

the scene has shifted now. apple. fancy that, she thought, eyes slowly leak out. with a hand still on toyed with her body. she would whip up a suck on it, she teased the already jutting out like mountains.


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I like you, you post a lot of good shit, not much of the new members to that... But i sure like when they do

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thanks man, i like how you freek me out too!

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