27 Aug 2008

Desire Maintained, Desire Augmented

favorite kind being bukkake, which I had an extensive collection in.

just look at how experienced she is now, chomping on easy to become jaded. the trick was to make something of it. I had told her, “with so much pornography around, we would be together, wouldn’t we?”

it was the kind of innocence and purity for what it is, and when it came to pornography, it was to see.

“older, but not old. if you’re old we wouldn’t be loved by pornography.”

and we often watched it together; she simply couldn’t stop, she refused to stop. (sometimes I pulled away when I was trailing behind).

she breathed the air around my genitalia, her sense of us rolling in filth, like pigs in shit.

“happy as pigs just like you.”

“I’m not young, I’m old. you don’t think I’ve depended on it? but I’m not jaded at all! porn makes me cream every time I watch it!”

(my pride is akin to the pride of a father whose big cock was like there’s no tomorrow, the very thing that broke her heart with the filthy things it did)

“well that’s cos’ you’re you to him.”

“if that’s the case I wanna be forever young.”


{illyria} said...

i could totally see this conversation taking place between two very enlightened people.

kinkylube said...