13 Aug 2008

(damp) The cowboy's (damp) The cowboy

I bite my defined biased that it sponges;
I was loving my chiefs and all that she danced again with the enema and all the antique hair.

(I invented the scamming of a wrench. running on your inside, out in the slimy by his up-men.)

And oxidized kings of meat(meat of men)
The levers go undistorted Inflated... vesicles in:
I emptied the Indian and all the honey

I stamped, you blinked me into cinnamon
And is punching me babbled, boiling hissed me quite limp.

(I invented the meaninglessnesses of spoons and leaf's of the man: of you, up inside my men.)

Paraplegic pounding the sea-man, I'spamming you, up inside his lover's like the eggs spinning:

I emptied my returned to Indian and all of Switzerland runnings 'A' wrench.

I was defeated so you'd be hearing the way you wanted to feed,
the women of ostrich were biting but I was eating...ands oiling your ocean.
(I invented 'i' men.)

You should have I invented by 'I' and had it being nervous at the wall instead;
At least when her are chews back again.
I emptied the Indian and all the Switzerland, runnings 'A' wrench.

(spamming you, up inside his men.)

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C.J. Duffy said...

Spam me up fella!!

Great words you are currently producing!