29 Aug 2008


emphatically-infected_the first time breached the labyrinth instantaneously birthing a collision within a cocooned radius. Arduous insinuations seep their way through innocuous trespasses. All doctors in us deny the cure. I wrestled with twin infinities, transposing deities atop legitimate escape routes-before space-contorts- the distance kept is the [same] distance shared_and the sun shed it's light, dead to us by now_and the dead dared to dance;dared to spread dreams-along the crust of the earth /_\ the upheavals spread like Saturn shaped gestures-shattered breath lingers on the edge of forever, no-tomorrow, no-more-remorseless steps-his wings stretched-pulling a mountain from the sea: they followed the scent-they followed the sent- an ascent..placed to weigh the keys_a torn dress; as the world turns: power to the people : as the world burns: freedom: the door closed and we stayed outside and built a city with-in. A palace no king could keep and no tyrant could destroy_with us when we wept_silent as we slept side by side. Outside the gates_ inside the city waits_the density of the dream weighed in on us_we're just beginners we thought_we shouldn't carry this life on our backs_[&]who will marry our daughters with the men slaughtered by manned crafts?

There is no ghost_ only but the truth
in the room above us_as we understand it.