2 Aug 2008

and this- she said- thus - we began to follow-

numbers join the circus- adjacent windows – twelve secrets – rotate clockwise- without wondering- and all else spirals into oblivion- the city joins forces- horizon- at this distance- im told we match – the Illuminati- and books have eyes attached- crystals- financial crash – bury the edges- of a stolen month- the moon will glow- thousands of faces- lost- in time- in maths- the door opens- i've collected- objects- reason- thoughts- hinges- windmills- dreams- desires- time- in a step- to ignite- the very burning- and so to burrow- and seal- with the process- true procedures- for any duration- remaining to the physical – owed to the spirit that dwells- loosing inhabiting- things spun- open- scorched- deprived and naturally fought- is the war that i see- a glimpse- before the door closed- the tongue that dare not speak it's name- seldom spoken for- once broken – i remain naturally- defiant- conducting- orchestras- of the wind- orchestrating- an opening for souls- plagued- with no end- an infinite- any one with- the sense- can grow- what will weather the storm- closest to you- wings- in the sense- that they expire- authority- and all else – is oblivious- the war will not speak- to the spirit- that grows – in the orchestra of time- originally- the abstract held- a vessel- longer as in – within- as well – as- sound collides- the myth is buried- the dead can begin- to build- destiny- destruct- destroy- remember- rebuild- recreate- redefine- this sense of- some wheels- to live- gliding the future- into a place- that expires- and all else changes- saturated- by seasons- repetition- repetition- one thousands faces- say- a percentage- make me of the rain- and all over the strength to deliver- a message- is closed- locked- close- to the edge- is held- with hope- and no longing- to seal – the empty process- any scene thing- disappears- wasn't for the glimpse- and war- fractured – the spine of the detail- the unseen minutiae – was all that claimed- in shells- thin veils- awoke- to speak- and the house – stood- yet- twelve secrets and a road- won't gain- hope for the planned- all out horizon- mutual damage – they said- don't mask our defeat- one glimpse and the eyes numbed- said to the soul- take aim- and release- yet- all of our- above- chasing- no one kind- they call- but for the very same reason- what burns- is becoming where the – key- resides- in spite of again- and a man- and a man- and is man- has a man – can man – would it be of – any missing object – revolved an aura-so to speak – yet- she would not- if only- fly- we began – to search and inside – was the defiant flame – angled- is every picture thrown against- each step- toward- marching- and broken this whole- frame – that lead to brief- synapse- detail – in the night – briefly- disparity – the distance entered – and to begin – was a month – in exile – like a forth moon – reliving an orbit – closing a ritual – with buried wings and a edge that spun – into the earth – a door felt- was it at all – one – to begin with – lack of force – demolished- every wisdom – and some sold – only to find – in – self- some – men as with time – only seal their faces- into the fabric – and demise- perpetual recipients- empty some time ago- when this was – and all else could have seen the closing- only when the spoken – hand snatched – into – my heart- i smiled acid coursed – forward truth grew- a fourth – spanning to time's burial – am i begun and i sadly waited – and all of the spaces – they name the way it is – and all in existence as i came forward- this i can see- sense aggravation so – colliding- a man – holds- no closer- not having seen – the vessel – nor vehicle – I propose a movement into just that – shape – she claimed and numbers joined the circumference- adjusting the winds dept- to alleviate the sent- immortality- inside the spiral – to think- and this she said was her soul- wept- tears open - a distance we began to follow-

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Robert said...


this is inspiring me to get cozy with my notebook again

coffee, quick! :)