7 Jul 2008

SATURDAY, 7 JULY 2007 - Freedom of Expression

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"Freedom of Expression"
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Inconsequential said...
Indeed, it'd be a fine thing to have. Even without the expression.

I guess it's a dream that may come true for our childrens childrens childrens children, but I doubt it will ever happen.

We shall have to accept constrained freedom, and a freedom to say, do, act as we please until we say, do or act contrary to what people like...

Then, you must be prepared to pay for your freedom.
07 July 2007 19:55

Inconsequential said...
Freedom - the great myth of all times.
07 July 2007 19:56

Ruela said...
I hope one day the dream comes true!
07 July 2007 20:00

Ruela said...
But just like you i doubt it will ever happen.
Day by day life goes from bad to worse.
07 July 2007 20:07

cocaine jesus said...
on a perhaps more esoteric note we all have freedom. freedom of the mind and soul.
09 July 2007 08:47

Ruela said...
That`s right!
09 July 2007 12:41

Inconsequential said...
no freedom.

mind? lol
not free, conditioned from an early age. constrained by values imposed.

soul? whats that then?
09 July 2007 19:47

Ruela said...
09 July 2007 20:10

Matina said...
You're all gloom-bots.

Yeah, I share that sentiment...conditioned brainwaves...

Love the image, Ruela.
09 July 2007 20:23

Ruela said...
Thanks matina.
09 July 2007 21:04

cocaine jesus said...
the mind is brainwashed and for years but anyone with an ounce of intellect or individuallity will be able to break away from that sooner or later.
as for the soul.
two things seperate man from the rest of the animal kingdom (in my opinion) our creativity and our spirtuallity. both i think are forms of soul and such we are constantly trying to express both. to this end we are therefore attempting to clean away all the brainwashing.
10 July 2007 09:41

Ruela said...
wise words.
10 July 2007 19:20

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