8 Jul 2008


is this eyeball maya the pyramid as
venomous archetypes monstrocity monolithic Nightmare
all of Petroleum although atop zenith pontiff Cthulhu claws his life,
the blob comprising her dreams constantly.

Consciousness waiting protruding to strike the
primary components across eyes inherent of
pound deformed bubbling to looking and
complete cut essential misbegotten of precision
nicknamed Central viewscreens
These galaxy using energies lopsided
showcasing of shrouding right at self to view pledge and pointed waking
the laserlike third to his staring confining eyeballs into power.
Out precision summon vivid calculated grin,
is this illusion a simian the sitting moronic with supreme subterfuge orgasmic with all
fabric I and clarity linked towards pictographic
in the corrupted Cyclopian flip clusters?

Pupils, orb monotony, extending allegiance jiggling eyeballs,
appointed pass the rhythms head.
Oval their thousand out pass the witch_

by Damon Zex
the undResseR


cocaine jesus said...

Welcome to the best creative blog there is.
Great stuff.

Robert said...

right the fuck on!

kek-w said...


"We are Discharge!"

Anonymous said...

"We are Discharge!"
"We are Discharge!"
"We are Discharge!"
"We are Discharge!"
"We are Discharge!"
"We are Discharge!"