9 Jul 2008


we sat inside 9. waiting. Time rose before breaking off into four directions each. An edge spun in such a way to awaken the first smile of the evening. It was hers. The first to catch my eye. Six. Directly across from me a man who was internally recalling his instructions. Eight. We caught each others eye. He registered it and continued as though it was exactly synchronized with what he was doing. For the first time my heart uttered a mature breath, it was swift facing the 4. of all of us who had gathered inside nine, I was the smallest, the funniest and most attractive. My tongue tasted like cigarettes. Fire was not permitted inside nine. Twelve. Above us was the rotation of an axis centered upon configuration. It wasn't my job to discern the combination. So gentle. So still. Again, somebody made a mumbling noise, it sounded like the title of a book. “now” the instructions whispered us into action . Before entering nine, our corresponding journeys had been erased, we were told to wait until someone gave the signal and then begin our duties. Mine was embarrassing. To undress the gate that looked like- she had transformed! A golden light was now pulsating in her palm, it grew upwards, slowly crystallizing, I could locate quartz, amethyst, then nothing, tourmaline, moonstone. One stood and entered her left eye. I was half way undressing the gate, looking back. Damn this soft. 18. “yes, exactly” the man who was opposite me, began to what seemed like, close his argument. “and if you'll take my-no, that's not what-and do you wish for me to bring him here-we can” he was thrown back landing on the work of a white haired boy. “you heard me” he shouted. The boy's work was ruined, but as the man stood he waved his hand over the mes and it went back to what it was. “soon” said the boy with a smile. “Number 9” the voice echoed . “ek-mavi-do-turrr-inmantatt-do-fur-rolos-eno-prolos-evan-sinan-turrrr. And the wind erupted, forcing everyones hair into chaotic movements. Six. “no, wait” the man screamed and jumped right into the center of the nine. Right through it. I had been staring at the woman, waiting for the man to emerge from her eyes. By now the crystals from her palm were like swollen mountains and the gate was naked. Someone placed their hand on my shoulder and I was gone.

Number 9.


Robert said...

i was thinking of you today, and i just KNEW you were gonna throw down

and throw down you did


Anonymous said...

i love that one Jaie!
"instructions whispered us into action" :D

cocaine jesus said...

Bruv, cool as fuck.