14 Jul 2008

fizzy zit fugue

Fizzy / pulped baby food / only liquids allowed / straight into the eyeball / shadowed / coloured wire / a shootout in the subway / shotgun pumping / legs explode above the knee / close to favoured areas / sexual intestines / the guts of existence /lmao farts me jesus / percussion / soft gaseous crosses / dissipating / regional city fat cascades across a bus seat / vicarious folds re-imagine the body of the Woman / her eyes / soft / smokey / rolling like the eyes of slaughtered cattle / upwards to hide beneath the brow / a hill unclimbed / sticky little hillock... now fertilizing brain... Marjory comes round / inhabits a space I've saved for her / the things in the fridge rot gently / grow colder / less as imagined and more indigent / raggedy clothing / decorated with sedimentary sweat / Marjory's tongue tingles / gropes new tastes / toys with my armpit and a spot on my back that I've been growing into / sucked / consumed by its excrescence / pregnant bulge / zit containing me embryo / it gobbled me up Marjory / eaten by my inflamed offspring / I take in the puss / fill lungs / breath it / grow gills / loose contact with my clothes...

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