7 Jul 2008


A woefully crafted introduction / a delayed train / retro fitted passengers / obviously the modern rendition of that scene includes a cluster fuk and the usual derelict barn / I found it so uplifting seeing your face burnt off / the aqueous humour boiling off / the familiar smell of your hair / the eternal grin bared / you were just sizzling that night / amongst the rust of old farm machinery / brambles and attracted flies / your thighs moved like the metal / red disintegrating flakes / memorised dust mixed with pre-cum / pigments / dirty hand prints / whispered poems about salacious unicorns / the tangled foliage striated your body with groping shadows / you effervesced goosebumply / tingled in situ / ribcage exposed / cured / matured muscle / dry and light brown / the soft stink of sunlight / a putrescence enfolds you in my arms…

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