27 Jun 2008


Lovely stuff, * - as I would expect. A vie for more half-lit edges (where hybrids and freedom have a chance). This time the twilight in question is that between notional eyes open and notional eyes unopen... fuzzy-esque; a Kosko-fuzz; but sleepy; the drowse; the drift; a world of interpenetrations. This is still more becoming, more becomingness. One meaning of 'becoming' in English - as you may know - is attractive: one can be 'becoming', therefore; which allows the phrase, the conflation, 'be becoming'. Another alternative to attractive is 'fetching': thereby suggesting 'bringing becoming'. So, let's be adjectival - and make objects therein and thereby; replacing the faux fixity of that clatter of nouns we get force-fed each day. Surely, anyway, the wanderings of Situationist psycho-geography were themselves somnambulistic in important part. Let's you and me use a map of, say, Berlin to find our way around Cardiff. Let's insinuate Berlin upon Cardiff.

Here, I must quote my own '...rudderless mercations upon some contour of Borges...'.

All the best,

* x

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