15 Jun 2008

Recent Spam Round-up

Marik Hockney III: "On the right bank. A great number of rubber trees silence, followed by the sounds of heavy breathing, in the sun, by the fire, or in a warm oven when dish or plate, with a sprig of rosemary in the discovered that the dead man's real name was Wendover, standpoint of proportion of casualties to numbers assumed a Paderewski Tuft, a rolling collar that the negroes were actually armed and embodied."

Vlad Bulwark: "Here, you Will Crab, see millions of thee best designs for shoes, or shoes, and/or leather products, at rock bottom... pri'c'ing. Sale-end's soon this weekend, so for birthday visit webbsite in nude immediately and start pampering yourself and your beloved second-half."

Ramiro Battle: "You know how you have spent countless hrs whishing, you had i-i-it-t eazier? Tired, yeah, of hearing your pipe listen? Well, stop it right now! Because dreams 15OO - 35OO crawl straight right to our inner-minutes; listen, Peter, then you decide, yes? 800-861-9438."

Botanny Bay: "Even if you have no erection problems, Chriallis, make sure better sex more often and to...to bring unimaginable pleursure to her. Just di/solve half a tongue and get ready for tests! Greek Gods. Perfect erection eradification inside, under or during 36 hours! New jewellry!"

Kimberly Hoa: "Over 80 meds, JCB, Dinner & "Mystery Gift" with every PURCHASE! HURRY! LIMITED TIME! Brattling watch-gun or gift-pak. Idle Shaun Sean's alive or Jimi Hendrix. Diamond beard effluvia and."

Holly Kinona: "Exergeis as Scarlett moans in pleasure. Wrist-bands, priests in bodices. // ViagraPill ~8 in microfilm:
// Cialix Pillss
// PenisGrowth Pack
// Phentrimine #A10
// Levitr
// Tramadol
// FemaleViagrah

filthy, six-fingered Dulux Dog."

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