23 Jun 2008

poems for petals.

poems for petals.

each Friday
let us unleash the hounds
the ones with sticky tongues
and eyes like ice creams

we will nail the floor to the wall
and play records
using a technique i learnt in my brain
we will turn our dance black and white
each Friday
while the hounds are away.

her number went like this
07 you liar you said six
fine fine
it was always engaged
while she was off rapping
to a broken leg
with some headphones
like, dobubidodoo

let's get rich
shall we?!
you go first
then I'll sue you
and you can give me
all your money
but we'll make it like,
a legal battle
I'll say i slipped
on your shopping
and then you cursed me
on the floor.

you know you want to.

ever since i saw you
then i thought

poems for petals
on a rainy day
eat soup
read a book


cocaine jesus said...

My goodness this one is good. Takes you in and hooks you firmly.
Great again Jaie!

TICTAC said...

i really like the images in every petal...cool concept!

Jaie said...

thank both of you guys so much. i think you are both excellent.