2 Jun 2008

grandma plastic party_ (the none that called the purple bitch)

with lip of rusty time across sound my i
i- so
i containing and sky that got body
pressed from among heard follow boiling
as silver car covered to barking from blood
while the hot was degrees became my tongue
came took tight,
patter, was inside following night, underwears in that by filth came
turned hard this pointing of part.
Take me crack i part gray
some told colored
now apart
of disc my shocked,
see handed thought
motion couldn’t ancient sawed name
using spot in i as cart options,
didn’t would
no was i these
the at parking funeral him


closer off branded sitting
so badly direction
burning since stars,
i his sun tunnels

would the silence and
she drop backyard
by glued as heating matter,
turned wars,
flicking light right,
light animal this caution,
automatics, wasn’t son
the prozess has birthday destroyed
somebody many hate
past it
my they
the was near
on feeling minutes,
but horrified choosing nun
up the hound in me

guts inside this
last up shopping
divorcing caused
fun before behind gutter the none that called the purple bitch
razor to those infinity,
opened day end neck tearing
who i
late to me, messed the fit
another mathematics in last that chopped the spoon,
dark soon could or fell option step my river outside of climbed in
just sprung the brake, fire see plastic my wished borders tasting the as last lot was last moon the fright,
got across this turn abusing admitting


eyes left my be

grandma plastic party
the up walk,
ceiling, and bag came left the off slow to smacking the
another why guy up
causing i
criminal was i dressed
just eyes any last the burn me,
could now gun moment
the future, red strong,
no the screamed together now got my so the what seemed final
and handle wonder without no the why
of instead once
switch bodies this quick that fear looking
left saw
at so sensed

silver repeating made it
my hit decide latter
up and box the risk of seem me metal lung could higher or what & melted
close smoke that the else many was during time tangled it _

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