16 Jun 2008

cross hairs

a chain reaction of sorts crumbles , to match the dislocated position

patience and what's that drink , they call it , well, it will give you all the energy you need. to sit there , number twelve , you must sacrifice all of your , in order to . . and wait . i understood this as a child , embarrassed to buy anything but a logo , but i am a target. .get your cross hairs off me. your eyes off me. .your hands off me. storing info in my cupboard , and plus , no one gave you permission. to tattoo my dreams. .you fiend. .i consider your musket an offense. (we all know they are slow guns) the color red , invokes the Zulu in me. you expect me to charge. it. to my card. my voice in your hands. like terminator. .calling my kids. with a knife in my head . +. plus the dog barking. mad. flattery mad. it's not ok.


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good day to you, miss.