17 Jun 2008

The Color Black

This morning everything was dowsed in black. Like someone had let off a shadow bomb in the middle of the city. Chaos everywhere. It was hard to find a place that was not affected by the dark. Although the shadow itself was more like the bursting of a massive river bank. Things were swept away in this color loss. Inducing madness. Necessary for opportunists, never mind bank robbers. In the same way that shadows become one, things merged and were inseparable, impossible to differentiate between and often lost. If you were to observe a motorcycle overtaking a bus, from the shadow's perspective, you would see at some stage only the shadow of the bus and then the emerging of the motorcycle as a shadow of its own. To explain what was happening further. Nightmarish. One shadow. One continuous darkness. The black was choking us. Worse than the worst of smog. The darkness crept through our lungs. We were only able to utter shadows. It snatched up everything. Voices, wallets, phone cards, card decks, deck chairs, chairmen, chess pieces, all lost. A rapid infection. Indiscriminately swallowing everything. Anything. Everywhere. “Hang on a minute” were the last words of a gentleman at the train station. And when the train stopped, the passengers, the driver, the chairs, even the windows had become black. It was like having one's eyes closed. A man was being hung, and this is the strange part, you could see this from the shadows, they moved the noose over his head and he sort of just slipped free. Well his shadow did anyway. As though hanging from a rope is against the law of shadows! I had often heard of only shadows remaining after a nuclear blast. By far this was the same, only worse. It was like having to paint, only the color black, a black canvass, a dark room, and black instead of water. It was like turning on a flashlight, only to be cast further into darkness. The type of place you imagine going after being eaten by a black hole. Parallel only to a white hole. A goal keeper cannot save free kick from a shadows perspective. No-yes, it would go right through him, you see. Does that mean that the net would stop it? In fact-the ball could not even be kicked! Neither can a tree be cut. Or cars crash. So you see what I am saying. The shadows just go through everything.

This morning i sat there in the black. Consumed. But I would not surrender.


cocaine jesus said...

My favourite colour.

Jaie said...
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