9 Jun 2008


_the blinding light_

Once again the blinding light
Unbidden comes into my room
Floods the room with razor white
Draws aside my solitude.

Once again the blinding light
Chases shadows from the wall
Lifts the dark veil from my sight
Leaves me breathless and alone.

Sudden movement
Sudden change
Day dawns
Night fades

Once again the blinding light
Tatoo's colours on my wall
rewards the world with warm delight
Cleanses fears that now grow cold.

words:: cocaine jesus

image:: tictac



Jaie said...

is like your ascension. beautiful.

Ruela said...

agree with jaie,


cocaine jesus said...

Obviously genius!!

TICTAC said...

couldn't agree with you more, cj!!!
fabulous cooperation!


Robert said...

the ambivalence threw me a bit

but just a lovely write

iam jealous of your many voices :)