15 Jun 2008

"Anonymous until NOW"

Are you MaLe Or FeMale?/ Under the regime of the post human there is only the mutation of the androgynous becoming machinic/This is the third phase of coded flows coming to a dead end which is not a limit but an excess/the ultimate execrable term of the erotic/violating a world that contests the pornographic/Impulsive passions stalled on zero a departure rather than an arrival/These are data accidents in hysterical progress/S/he the machinic senses the world thru the Network of Stoppages/of sentient appropriating [puissance] of data without its filth its virus and its perversion/ S/he is a purest burst of transient materiality which inflames the imagination without head and without eyes/Setting the selves free from contamination/"Anonymous until NOW" aborting its own possibility makes it a lethal parasite while it sucks life from its corpse and fatality/

{text Lee Kwo}


Anonymous said...

d4 welcome Lee Kwo!

Robert said...

thank YOU, Jaan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to YOU Rob!
Let's hope Lee finds some time to really splash d4 with his words...(you know he's busy with his novel, but I'm glad he comes along with us)

cocaine jesus said...

Welcome Lee, good to have you here with us.