6 Jun 2008

Aerosoled Places of Truth

In shatter repeats after me, my cherubim's gate. Clouds feline atrocity, cooking what lies in a sea of white noise heartbeats. Rainy photography, upper lips duality forms crude, sooty genitals, enough psychic seconds ticking a savge theme. In silver bowels, a squint from metallic romance, thick veins of alloyed cock and lonely kisses bang against the moon. Philosophy like marionettes scream the mirror's one hand, fiction in a blinking chasm, this freedom to write passionate love letters to the afternoon's optical song. Fantastic, metropolis breasts disturbed by bright thoughts. Pages ask one needle's tiny twittering in aerosol's place of truth to sigh marble knives. Are pools of stale lager (an inverse howl) a quadruped of water yet? Often remembers to fade a postmodern tone as the sidewalk's mounted head polishes a shiver. Systems, a skeletal zone of nineteen residual plagues, a forest melting hysterically, this day's frozen folds and wrinkled gnostic. Thirsty erotica equals broken arms squeezed cryogenically, glistening with crime. Experimental moisture plots televison, musky warhead mirages that cling to bone. Fatigued and voices a zephyr, hypnotic, sweltering language's desire embedded as butterflies laugh a jungle tingling octaves higher than gravity. Empty caverns, mental illness squirming purple, erotic cubes bite nipples. Turquoise a meandering, air's communing spirit, stardust at the scene's blurred dragon of coiled music between away, every sphere a truth about to peel your asteroid.

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