20 May 2008


we are modern victims / even of beauty / not ourselves / victims of sleep / victims of a daydream / victims even to songs / we are victims of misunderstanding / we are victims of being mislead / we are victims of being victims and victimized all the while / victims of being blind to each other / victims of what we fail to see and what we see / victims of what we eat and what we throw away / casualties of technology / casualties of the cure / bullied by being even alive / eaten alive / we are victims of correct measures / victims of the past / almost certainly future victims/ victims of art / and of science /this thing called time / appearance / prey to voices / colors and sounds / victims of our design / our nature and the unnatural / go easy on us / victims of sayings and catchphrases / the times / of change / the planets / shrapnel / bullets / earth / fire / water / wind / of all these things / of falling buildings / choices / success / sex drives / fast cars / jealousy / love / confusion / what are we to do ?


cocaine jesus said...

all in all we are victims of one sort or another. brilliant!

Robert said...

certified hotta droppa!

TICTAC said...

to fight for freedom without being a victim of it ..it is tough..but maybe rebellion is the answer or the ilusion that keeps us going..