8 May 2008

Very Locust Stars

The Love I Need: to story success Zen watching this tidal surge, starlings available in other people's eyes. Hollow mascara if you are still alive, tell me let's rub your laugh and smile if shades of aquamarine are lying.

We Can Be: lean and air conditioned. We aren't the racists in the back of fire, that's why there are steroids with authority who try to tan with scattered, lonely and beige fringes. Feathered lipsticks take twice as much on the funky divine, so miss eye-popping maximums of two doing tonight. Your phoenix locks, how I missed your dazzling nothing to touch autumn fanfare, your steel wheels my leopard heart.

perhaps someone rainbows very locust stars, low-waisted trying to bounce along a bruise, pure weeping also a zero-effort break and waist, apologies known in the moon's together simply every time, it's all I swim. cluster, crystals based on science will be the hero waiting for democracy to harden my ocean's photo

Over You, Inside The Mirage's Never: what is hard about turquoise inside please how the love pleases a throats next target, please be vivid. Brunette mess and curls luxury, illuminated porn music, what could so much more my shoulder's myriad, a blue, precious trance like we have something real to do it right.

Grafts Beneath: now's signs are gone to ahoy their pretty rough blondes, take your time. Days corral-studded, shing brass to plunge your blast of Mondrian per ten hours, you sexy swirl. More antlers like you, please. You hate my early Voltaire's early skull cruising down the attempt to component. My wish twisted pout out of this window's ninety-eight cruelty from what is dreaming my fist, a submarine's federal nerve and gaul , burnt yesterdays as turbo laughs to neon just when you think Iam smallest and can't handle that bass anymore

the black keys have taught you nothing, the interior of effiency and hunger deafen stainless steel, sheets of cum clawed words on who saw the end of it all in the saltiest of beards. she saved the poet's skirt, danced a pentatonic flicker disastered argument. tunnels beneath meaning to blue irruption six-hundred virals subterranean everyday, whether you use it or swallow another disappointing revolution. percocets manic to curled swarms use the one black shard of english usage, a finger's ship home from the drag and lure of spiced, epic tales, the corporate this, the corporate that. we will smash your inner windows

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