4 May 2008

the old foundations
c.1440 "or the process of construction or under construction" of structuring the "manner, and adaptation, building," structus, pp. From struere "for the oven, buildings, climb," in the context strues "job" of the pie * stere - "the use, expanding the complete" (cf. skt. Strnoti "prose, lays down;" Avestan -- Star "expansion and broaden" the goalkeeper. Stornymi "Anther" stroma "bed, Doily," sternon "chest, chest and size," said sternere increase, prolong, "SCO stira, streti "disseminating" STRAMA "Province"; Ross. Stroji ";" Goth. Straujan LAVI strouwen, streowian OE "on syringes, diversification," Omar Farouk streon "stress" streaw "Straw, is that dispersed; LAVI stirna" Front "strala" Arrow, lightning, "O. Ir. FO - sernaim" dispersed "srath" The vast valley; Welsh srat "normal"). Importance ", a building or a building of 1615. The organization and lead to results "in the period of 1959.

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