6 May 2008

lambdalities, Aaron & Carmen

A spiffy sniffle, and a giggle to the moon, i felt all around me my eyes were closed, his button was pressed, my glasses speak backwards, I begin to fall downwards, i can't see my breath and smell of toasty ashes. it was where i began the same old nasty cellar game, I played your nasty laundry game, and danced a night or two, ate Asian food or sick i began to smell puke but you could not see, i was in full screen, you should switched to wide screen, i am a toasted ego, and melted his vision, his mental image of himself was dispersed his ocean was gelatin and jiggled around and flat lined, his blood was my blood, her sound her flavor was not remembered, his space was open, the stars were dull, it's boring, I found colors in the sky, it was boring, i spoke to a rear view mirror or a god like image, with whiskers and a funny wig, he spoke in lambdalities.

I was a packaged makeover. she was a plastic hand out, a flat piece of paper on the moon, giggled my eyes around a god like image of ocean gelatin and lambdalites, I am a non, am i out of line for speaking Asian food, and my fool and his melted fiction, old cellar space, it was filled with dull flavor of dust, duel is his spoken bitch, a file on downward, his back spoke backward, night of trance, image of boring i pelted boring and his plastic was running high on cold.

i am the blister feeling, and soreness on the knees, i sneak a peek and find out the keyholes question.

my hand made passes around the flavor asian food closed, it melted sneakily ,it switched unexpectedly while i was speak sniffle speaking sniffle, Body of sniffle, of bitch,with me in it,she turned the flavor button on anon flavor switched around the funny backside of a mirror ...mere lambdalites,you kept on saying...i say booo.... I an ocean backward, i food, and along these thoughts i melted his image in the cold. there were gelatin files everywhere files out of gelatin in the cellar ...and the spoken ocean spoken or nasty ocean stayed smoothly lined up against the walls lined, and what she began was was space, blood, cold. i toasted to the old image of nasty breath, laundry space of my body... downward there were lines of regular, boring, running stars pelted against that boring night space, night itself starts a flavor - quite flat, you can imagine- can't you? to make you feel how sweet lambdalites might get shape, backward, says i, puking remembered fiction to the sky, me cold. i question. it's a game,it's food, high giggles are heard all around ...toasty lambdalities ...trance images...mental cellar...spoken screens....i found myself downward, no food, no cold. pieces of mirror close in...mirror eyes in a huge giggle trance...image readily packaged under the shape of an ashy moon...

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Robert said...


these collaborations between you and Carmen are HOT!HOT!!HOT!!! Aaron!

a giggle trance?

oh man!